Lift Docks

Easy spring set-up and winter removal with Lifting B&D AloDocks.

Functioning like a drawbridge, down in the spring and up in the winter, our lifting docks make the seasonal closing and opening of the cottage very easy.

Once the dock is installed, in most cases, one individual in a matter of minutes, can lower it in the spring and lift it in the fall...without getting wet.

To lift the dock up for winter all you need to do is:

  1. Remove decking.
  2. Insert tower in its place
  3. Attach cables and turnbuckles
  4. Winch and lift from water
  5. Attach safety cables

To lower it in the spring just, reverse the procedure.

A lifting dock also allows for a much longer dock season, where early spring installation and late fall removal are desirable.

All of our docks are environmentally safe, maintenance-free, durable aluminum construction with Western Red Cedar decking.