Standard Heavy Duty

Dock Edge + Standard Heavy Duty Profiles are constructed of marine grade flexible PVC, will not chip or crack under normal usage, and are unaffected by oil, gas or salt water. UV Stabilizers prevent yellowing, deterioration from sunlight and unsightly blotching. Protect your investment with a durable Commercial Grade Protection System.


Designed with both smooth and ribbed surfaces, this bumper is manufactured from flexible PVC, containing both U.V. Inhibitors and Fungicides. The smooth or ribbed reversible surface adds strength and can be mounted with either surface showing. Mount with as large or small a wave pattern as is desirable for your application. Sold in 25' rolls and 5" width.

Available in White, Beige and Grey.

Part Number Description
1075-FFlexGuard Profile, (25 Ft/Roll), White
 Full Face

Ideal for larger applications, this Profile provides extra strength and security against damage to boats or property. Double internal channels with cross girder adds additional protection from impacts and provides a large contact area.

Part Number Description
1163-FFull Face Profile, (16 Ft/Roll), Black
1162-FFull Face Profile, (16 Ft/Roll), Grey
1161-FFull Face Profile, (16 Ft/Roll), Beige
1160-FFull Face Profile, (16 Ft/Roll), White
1104-FFull Face Profile, (3x8',24 Ft/Crt), White
1108-FFull Face Profile, (3x8',24 Ft/Crt), Beige
1112-FFull Face Profile, (3x8',24 Ft/Crt), Grey
 Small "P"

Perfect for small outboards or personal watercraft. Will retain resiliency and brilliance for years. Can be installed in minutes.

Part Number Description
1170-FSmall "p" Profile, (16 Ft/Roll), White
1171-FSmall "p" Profile, (16 Ft/Roll), Beige
1172-FSmall "p" Profile, (16 Ft/Roll), Grey
1173-FSmall "p" Profile, (16 Ft/Roll), Black
1105-FSmall "p" Profile, (3x8',24 Ft/Crt), White
 Slant "P"

Provides a larger contact area for added protection, combined with resiliency and durability.

Part Number Description
1182-FSlant "p" Profile, (16 Ft/Roll), Grey
1183-FSlant "p" Profile, (16 Ft/Roll), Black
1181-FSlant "p" Profile, (16 Ft/Roll), Beige
1180-FSlant "p" Profile, (16 Ft/Roll), White
1106-FSlant "p" Profile, (3x8',24 Ft/Crt), White
1110-FSlant "p" Profile, (3x8',24 Ft/Crt), Beige
1114-FSlant "p" Profile, (3x8',24 Ft/Crt), Grey
 Standard "D"

This versatile and strong profile without a lip can be mounted vertically or horizontally anywhere on the dock face. Great for pilings too. Made of Marine Grade PVC with UV Inhibitors and Fungicide. Packaged in easy to use rolls for fewer joints.

Part Number Description
1190-F"D" Profile, (16 Ft/Roll), White
1191-F"D" Profile, (16 Ft/Roll), Beige
1192-F"D" Profile, (16 Ft/Roll), Grey
1193-F"D" Profile, (16 Ft/Roll), Black