Piling Caps

Protect the tops of pilings from splintering and weathering. These attractive and functional piling caps are molded from Marine Grade PVC and will give your moorings a finished appearance as well as assist in preventing unsightly messes from shore birds. Available in Flat-Top or Conical, 6 sizes and two complimentary colors for your mooring.

 Cone Head, PVC
Part Number Description
91-871-FPiling Cap, 7", Cone Head, White, PVC
91-872-FPiling Cap, 7", Cone Head, Black, PVC
91-881-FPiling Cap, 8", Cone Head, White, PVC
91-882-FPiling Cap, 8", Cone Head, Black, PVC
91-891-FPiling Cap, 9", Cone Head, White, PVC
91-892-FPiling Cap, 9", Cone Head, Black, PVC
91-801-FPiling Cap, 10", Cone Head, White, PVC
91-802-FPiling Cap, 10", Cone Head, Black, PVC
91-811-FPiling Cap, 11", Cone Head, White, PVC
91-812-FPiling Cap, 11", Cone Head, Black, PVC
91-821-FPiling Cap, 12", Cone Head, White, PVC
91-822-FPiling Cap, 12", Cone Head, Black, PVC
 Flat Head, PVC
Part Number Description
91-971-FPiling Cap, 7", Flat Head, White, PVC
91-972-FPiling Cap, 7", Flat Head, Black, PVC
91-981-FPiling Cap, 8", Flat Head, White, PVC
91-982-FPiling Cap, 8", Flat Head, Black, PVC
91-991-FPiling Cap, 9", Flat Head, White, PVC
91-992-FPiling Cap, 9", Flat Head, Black, PVC
91-901-FPiling Cap, 10", Flat Head, White, PVC
91-902-FPiling Cap, 10", Flat Head, Black, PVC
91-911-FPiling Cap, 11", Flat Head, White, PVC
91-912-FPiling Cap, 11", Flat Head, Black, PVC
91-921-FPiling Cap, 12", Flat Head, White, PVC
91-922-FPiling Cap, 12", Flat Head, Black, PVC