Pump and Fill
 Pressurized Fuel Pump

No more lifting heavy fluid containers, you can pump the liquid up to the tank opening from topping up to filling a tank with no effort. The PUMP & FILL pressurized system pumps fulids as much as 4 times the rate of siphon systems. The system can be completely drained of redisual fuel reducing fumes and making for safer storage. PUMP & FILL reduces the danger of over fills, costly spills, expensive clean ups, damaged property, and dangerous incidents of fire and explosion. PUMP & FILL's specially designed and patented cone connector is simply inserted into the neck of most fuel containers and pump away.

Ideal for fueling cars, motorcycles, ATV's, boats and personal watercraft.

Part Number Description
91-700-FPump&Fill,Fuel Pump,Pressurized c/w Nozzle
91-702-FPump&Fill,F2 Emergency Fuel Pump,Pressurized