Stainless Cable Ties
 Stainless Cable Ties

Self-Locking, Strong, Durable and Easy to Use.

Part Number Description
98-000-FCable Tie Tension Tool c/w Cutter
98-001-FCable Tie Tension Hook
98-005-FMounting Bracket, Flared, SS, (2/Pk)
98-104-FCable Ties, RollerBall, 100lb, 4", SS, (10/Pk)
98-108-FCable Ties, RollerBall, 100lb, 8", SS, (10/Pk)
98-114-FCable Ties, RollerBall, 100lb, 14", SS, (10/Pk)
98-208-FCable Ties, RollerBall, 250lb, 8", SS, (10/Pk)
98-214-FCable Ties, RollerBall, 250lb, 14", SS, (10/Pk)
98-308-FCable Ties, RollerBall, 450lb, 8", SS, (10/Pk)
98-314-FCable Ties, RollerBall, 450lb, 14", SS, (10/Pk)
98-408-FCable Ties, Ladder, 100lb, 8", SS, (10/Pk)
98-414-FCable Ties, Ladder, 100lb, 14", SS, (10/Pk)
98-508-FCable Ties, Ladder, 250lb, 8", SS, (10/Pk)
98-514-FCable Ties, Ladder, 250lb, 14", SS, (10/Pk)