Floating Dock Hardware

All floating dock hardware is 1/4" Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel. Each has 9/16" hole punches on 3-1/2" centers except where indicated. Slot sizes are 9/16" x 1-5/8" except where indicated. All Male and Female Connectors have a 3/8" tab with a 7/8" hole to fit a 3/4" pin or bolt.

Dock Edge + Inc. offers a Hardware Placement Guide, to assist in dock construction. Click here to download this guide.
To view the assembly instructions click here.


Engineered for use with our Howell and Dock Edge dock floats.

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Part Number Description
91-112-FConnector Hinge, Heavy Duty, Galvanized
92-104-FCorner Plate, Heavy Duty, Galvanized
92-116-FCorner Plate W/Anchor Chain Bar, HD,Gal.
93-122-FBacker Plate, 9/16"Punch, HD, Galvanized
96-111-FPin, Heavy Duty, 3 1/4" Long, 3/4" Rod
99-001-FInside Corner, w/ Brace & Slot Hole, HD, Gal
99-002-FAngle, Inside Joist, 9/16"Punch, HD, Gal
99-004-FOutside Corner End, 9/16" Square Hole, HD, Gal
99-005-FPipe Holder, Outside, 3", HD, Gal
99-006-FWasher Plate, 9/16" Square Hole, HD, Gal
99-007-FPipe Holder, Inside Corner, 3", HD, Gal
99-009-FOutside Corner, Male, 9/16" Square Hole, HD, Gal
99-010-FOutside Corner, Female, 9/16" Square Hole,HD,Gal
99-011-FT Connector, Female, 9/16" Square Hole, HD, Gal
99-012-FT Connector, Male, 9/16" Square Hole, HD, Gal
99-013-FChain Retainer, 9/16" Square Hole, HD, Gal