Spot Protection
 Boat Shield

This extruded U.V. Stabilized polyethylene foam bumper is contoured at the back so it can be mounted both horizontally on your dock or vertically on pilings. The beveled edge helps deflect your boats' fenders so they do not catch under the profile. The light grey colour matches up with the natural color of weathered wood.

Stainless steel screws and washers included.

Part Number Description
1007-FBoat Shield,(1 Pc/Pk, Screws), 48", Grey, PE
 Boat Saver

Developed specifically for AIR CUSHION spot protection. It's like having a fender mounted just where you need one the most. Order several for complete protection. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally on docks, pilings or boat houses. Combine with other DOCK EDGE+ high quality Profiles for total protection.

Part Number Description
1005-FBoat Saver,(1 Pc/Pk, Screws), 24", White, PVC
1005-N-FBoat Saver,(1 Pc/Pk, Screws), 24", Navy Blue, PVC

This Bumper is manufactured from the same quality material as our Dolphin Boat Fenders and offers the ultimate in cushioning of impacts from your boat. Molded in ribs on the interior of the UltraGard ensure it is very soft, but durable and will not collapse. The back has a slight radius allowing for easy mounting on pilings as well.

Part Number Description
1008-FUltraGard, 35", White, PVC, (1Pc/Pk)

This Heavy Duty Straight Bumper is manufactured from the same MPR material as the ProTect Corner Bumper. It ha excellent shock absorption qualities and willnot mark or mar the hull of your boat. The ProTect Corner and Straight Bumpers also have mahy industrial applications where cushioning and protection is required.

Part Number Description
1058-FProTect, Straight, HD, 12", White, PVC
1059-FProTect, Corner, HD, 8", White, PVC
 Torpedo Bumpers

These large, durable bumpers add an attractive and functionally rugged cushion to the leg pipes of your docking system. Fabricated from the same Quality material as our Dolphin fenders, each weighs a rugged 2.7 lb. and measures 18" tall with a diameter of 5". Place them on dock leg pipes over the mounting brackets to prevent damaging your watercraft from protruding bolts.

Part Number Description
91-104-FTorpedo Bumper, 18", PVC, Navy Blue
91-110-FTorpedo Bumper, 18", PVC, White
91-113-FTorpedo Bumper, 18", PVC, Royal Blue
91-114-FTorpedo Bumper, 18", PVC, Beige
91-117-FTorpedo Bumper, 18", PVC, Grey
91-118-FTorpedo Bumper, 18", PVC, Black