Poles and Flags

These all-fiberglass grey FLAG POLES are the answer to rusty metal or painted wooden poles. Designed to withstand high winds, these non-conductive poles will

never rust or corrode and are great for docks, decks, marinas, patios, cottages or home use. Aluminum bases are powder grey coated for long life. Brass plated pole ball tip and stainless steel mounting hardware included. 18 Ft. comes with swivel system to greatly reduce flag tangles, while 21 Ft. comes with a conventional pulley and line system.

Part Number Description
6018-FFlexi-Flag Pole, 18', No Flag
6018A-FFlexi-Flag Pole, 18', c/w USA Flag
6018C-FFlexi-Flag Pole, 18', c/w CAD Flag
6021-FFlexi-Flag Pole, 21', No Flag
6021A-FFlexi-Flag Pole, 21', c/w USA Flag
6021C-FFlexi-Flag Pole, 21', c/w CAD Flag
6045-FFlexi-Flag Pole,7'Wall Mount,No Flag
6045A-FFlexi-Flag Pole,7'Wall Mt, c/w USA Flag
6045C-FFlexi-Flag Pole,7'Wall Mt, c/w CAD Flag
6050A-FAmerican Flag, 27" x 54", Polyester
6051C-FCanadian Flag, 27" x 54", Polyester

Fly-Right flagpoles are designed with a unique torsion rod system and swivel rings so the flag never wraps or tangles. Gold Eagle cap and 3' x 5' U.S. Flag included. Available in a 12 Ft. model that installs with a ground mount anchor in 1 minute with no digging and no cement footing.

Part Number Description
6006A-FFlag Pole, 6.5', Alum, Wall Mt. c/w USA Flag
6012A-FFlag Pole, 12', Alum, Ground Mt. c/w USA Flag